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We are born as vessels of change. Clay running through our veins. 


Oneness must be nourished for the thrival of earth. 


All our lessons can be learned from love. It’s wisdom must be honored and given space to grow. 


It is my mission to advocate for all living things. We all just want to feel held and art is the lifesource of understanding. 


Through creation, one can learn forever. Each object sparking the flames of interconnection, each mark lights the fire of empathy. 


Revolution comes from the art of the people, so let’s get it made.






Emotional healing has always been a major focus in my art. 


I deeply empathize with the world's pain, especially in young children. We are

all only children at heart. In addition to my personal art practice, a meaningful teaching journey has inspired the bodies of work I create. Spending time with young people has reminded me of our basic human needs, to feel held, nourished, warm and inspired. My sculptures play with natural materials that express these primal sensational moments. 


My artistic mission seeks to encourage people to trust more in the fight they have within themselves. To honor our survival instincts and to face all fears while always searching for inspiration. My sculptures are therapeutic tools, doll-like in nature. Forged with purpose, these protective charms are meant to give comfort and remind us that we are worthy of love. 


-Caitlin O’dea Ott

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